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This site was created in 2006 as an offshoot of another project - - a photographic website documenting a range of abandoned places, including the many Victorian asylums that then lay derelict across the UK. Warley was one of those featured, though as someone who grew up in Brentwood, my connection to the hospital dates back to early childhood. Beginning with my grandmother in the 1930s, most of my family were once employed there, and I volunteered at Mascalls Park myself shortly before its closure. 

Over the years, I have collected a range of material on the hospital, and was also fortunate enough to photograph the interior of the main building in 2004. The intention behind this site was (and remains) to share as much of this material as possible; and also to encourage  testimonies from former patients and staff.

For many years, this site was home merely to an electronic copy of Sir Geoffrey Nightingale’s 1969 history of the hospital. After many false starts, I finally created a more substantial site at the end of 2022. My hope is that, through submissions and further research, the website will continue to grow, serving as a comprehensive online source of information about the hospital and the people who lived and worked there.

This website is the work of one person and is not affiliated in any way with any organisation. All views expressed are my own, as are all images (except those that are obviously historical or sourced from publications).

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