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In 2004 and 2005, I was granted permission to photograph the hospital's interiors. In the surrounding years, I also photographed other parts of the hospital - and the galleries below offer a detailed record of these buildings. For a general overview, the best place to start is the personal account on the homepage. The galleries below are for documentation only. Unfortunately, I only started photographing the site in 2002, so missed the now-demolished parts such as F Block, Centenary Hall and the Nurses' Home. Thankfully, there are many photos of these areas in the archive photos section. 

Wards (Main Building)

          - Cyclamen

          - Azalea

          - Magnolia

          - Camelia

          - Rose

          - Daffodil

          - Skyview in Jasmine

          - Cherry

          - Fuchsia

          - Laburnum

          - Marigold

          - Hyacinth

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